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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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james bronco's 127 hours and jeff bridges in true grit and several actors in the king's speech. >> timing isn't my strong suit. >> reporter: so for now expect to see many more ads in the next few months touting performances and movies from more awards shows and critics than you can even imagine. the goal, to get people in the seat. >> them boys don't think about who asked us about to set down on it. >> reporter: in hollywood adam housley, fox news. >> the news keeps coming tonight, brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. we are on weather alert from chicago, o'hare airport in the midwest to tampa international down south. passengers are stranded. it's the piles of snow in northeast cities like new york creating a giant travel mess across the nation. airports in new york, boston, philly all digging out from over a foot of snow. the ripple effect, flight delays and cancellations hitting your traffic here in d.c. fox 5's roby chavez kicks
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us off live at reagan national with more from travelers trying to make the most of a bad situation. >> reporter: it has been a very long day for a lot of people and it's not over yet. in fact, we just looked downstairs here and seen a couple dozen people who are now making their beds along the windows there and also in the seating area here at reagan national airport. from happy holidays to singing the holiday blues, a lot of people are still trying to get home to places like albany and atlanta, but they're stuck here in d.c. from toddler to temp represental adults, holiday travelers -- temperamental adults, holiday travelers have had enough of the delays and cancellations. lindsay and thomas trothberg and their 1-year-old have been at reagan national for 12 hours. she's down to the last diaper. >> it's been about 12 hours. it's very frustrating because we're traveling with an infant. we're getting low on things, the necessities that we do
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need. >> reporter: the couple got out of indianapolis only to find their connecting flight here at reagan to norfolk was canceled even before they left home. >> we should never have been able to leave our first destination because we could have still been home with family and have been nice and comfortable and warm and had the necessities for the baby. now we're stuck here. >> reporter: some have been told they'll be waiting for days to get to places like new york and boston. >> got up this morning and got into here at 9:30. >> reporter: hayesen short thinks he's getting out -- out to albany tonight and hopes to get off the floor and up in the air before he finishes a new book. >> i have a group of 12 people and we all booked separate flights and only one person has got to albany so far and we're all supposed to be there right now. so it's kind of messed up. >> reporter: it's been a long wait for. the board gives the grim news to others. flights are still canceled from
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boston to atlanta. >> it's horrible. it's really bad. don't want to do it again. >> reporter: paul demarco was heading to charlotte, but all flights were canceled. for now this is home. >> it's cold and drafty. luckily i had a blanket, which is better than most people. >> reporter: by nightfall only a few were planning to spend yet another night with their luggage. as for this family, they've learned a little temper tantrum goes a long way. >> actually they told us they couldn't do nothing until wednesday and i got kind of irate. so we got the supervisor and he kind of went above and beyond. he was on the customer service hotline for over an hour. so he got us a flight tonight for 9:00 and it's already been postponed till 10:27 now. >> reporter: back live, take a look. there's quite a few people here still at the airport. some have hunkered down with blankets. from past experience usually by this time the airport is empty. we just looked at some of the morning flights. a lot of them are on time, but
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as always, if you're going to come down, be sure to call your airport because things do change by the hour. now live at reagan national, roby chavez fox 5 news. brian, back up to you. the edge on d.c. now. investigators say careless smoking is to blame for a deadly fire at 17th and s street northwest last night. firefighters arrived, had trouble entering the second floor apartment because it was so cluttered. they found a woman inside. she was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. no one else was hurt. a house in northwest caught fire this afternoon, but the homeowner says it could have been prevented if pepco would have just responded to his and the fire department's phone calls. fox 5's bob barnard in the newsroom now with this story. >> at issue tonight is the time it took pepco to answer a call for help. the report of a wire down near a house that was sparking outside a house that eventually caught fire. at the first signs of trouble in this house on manning place
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northwest this morning seven people were inside. the couple who owns the house, their twin 3-year-olds, her parents and 90-year-old grandmother. >> originally i heard sounds like a bunch of firecrackers going off. i was way up in the top room. i thought who was putting off firecrackers in december, right? >> reporter: it was a downed wire sparking flames next to the house. homeowner lou constantino said he called 911 and pep owe. the fire department showed up but -- pepco. the fire department showed up but constantino said pepco said it would be four hours. >> the fire department called and said we have an emergency and can't do anything about it until you kill the line. they still came at 2:00. >> reporter: he said only when that pepco crew inspected the power lines after the first call did he notice smoke inside the house. the homeowner again called 911 focusing his rage toward pepco. >> they had plenty of opportunity to come out here. the fire department told them it was an emergency and they
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ignored it. >> reporter: we asked pepco spokesman clay anderson about what happened. >> what we know right now, both d.c. fire and ems are currently investigating the situation. also pepco is involved in an investigation and once we have more information we'll be able to present that information once we have it, but as of now it's still an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: a d.c. fire and ems spokesman said the fire was electrical and accidental, cause and origin still unknown. the edge on virginia this evening, a special memorial to honor a fairfax county teenager killed six months ago today. family and friends gathered at the vienna town green to remember vanessa pham with a bench in her name. this was one of her favorite places to go with friends. the plaque said she filled our lives with joy and laughter. the 19-year-old was murdered june 27th. the case remains unsolved. to maryland and an armored truck robbery around 12:45
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today. a carrier just picked up a deposit. the suspect got away with the deposit. new numbers on holiday spending were released this evening. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> great news for retailers. consumers shelled out 5.5% more this holiday shopping season than last year. the biggest winner? online retailers. seasonal sales were up 15.4%, but the sale of electronics only went up 1.2%. experts believe that's because of falling tv prices. less than a week to go before the tournament of roses parade and workers in pasadena are putting final it. s on floats. the 1 -- touches on floats. the 132nd parade will be on building friendships and memories. tourists are arriving in rio dejaneiro in time to ring in the new year's. 25 tons of fireworks will be set off over the famous
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copacabana beach. 645,000 tourists are expected to say good-bye to 20 then rio. just in time for a new year's celebration, you can enjoy a good old glass of wine on a budget. tonight the insider's guide to buying a bottle. first quick check of the rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. 
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you want to enjoy a nice bottle of wine without breaking the bank, it can be ton if you know what to look for. we -- done if you know what to look for. we first brought you this story over the summer, but thought it would be a good time for a little refresher course. melanie alnwick has the insider's guide to buying wine on a budget in that fox 5 encore. >> reporter: guess what the most popular wine was last year in terms of sales? a box of franzea, really. i know this 5 liters for 12
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bucks sounds like a bargain, but if you prefer your wine in a bottle, there are some secrets to getting a good value. for wine drinkers this is the sound they love to hear. what they don't love these days is the price. >> i need some white wine. i don't want to spend too much. >> reporter: wine steward ray raos of the georgetown safeway hears that all the time. >> a lot of people are kind of shy about telling you how much. i tell them i don't care. >> reporter: that's because consumers can find good wines at every price point as long as they don't fall for the tricks. >> be adventurous. labels can be deceiving. >> reporter: so can price says chef michael wagner of baltimore international college. >> you see these expensive bottles of wine. it's not a reflection necessarily on their quality. it's just a reflection on how difficult they are to obtain. >> reporter: wagner recommends this strategy for navigating a restaurant wine list. >> eliminate the cheapest bottle and eliminate the most
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expensive. somewhere in that middle of the road is the sweet spot. >> reporter: popular wine like cab in as, chardonnays and -- cabernets, chardonnays and merlots will be on the list. be aware a single glass of wine with k cost you the most. >> they -- can cost you the most. >> they charge you $6, 6.50. >> reporter: right now these experts say the best values are in lesser known wines. wagner is into super tuscans from italy at the moment. >> the quality of italian wines is exceptional. >> reporter: raos is recommending argentina, portugal and spine. >> very nice rich full bodied wine. >> reporter: all around $15 or less retail and if you live in an area that allows byob, even better. >> you can save a lot of money definitely. >> reporter: lists restaurants that have free corkage night. that means you don't have to pay extra to bring your own
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bottle. other restaurants might charge a fee, usually between 10 to $15. so make sure the bottle you bring is worth it. raos says wine with a screw cap isn't necessarily cheap. it just means that it's ready to drink now. he also says if you find a wine you really like in that 20 to $30 range, you might want to buy several to hold onto. five plus years from now they'll be perfect to drink and worth much more than you paid for them. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. looking for some good cheese to go with that glass of wine? maybe some fresh veggies for your new year's eve party? details on how farmers markets aren't just a summer tradition anymore. and you might even be able to take in an extra concert or two this summer, news that will be music to your ears straight ahead. you know all you need is love. one oregon couple proving when it comes to love, age doesn't matter. 91-year-old jack cullton and 87-
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year-old louise passner tied the knot in a lake oswego church over the weekend. the pair met on a bus and fell in love shatterly after. ♪ all you need -- shortly after. ♪ all you need is love ♪ ♪ all you need is love love ♪ love is all you need from. 
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a warning tonight from police about what you put out on the curb for trash and recycle pickup. laura evans is pack now with your fox 5 top five. -- back now with your fox 5 top five. >> off the top at no. 5 tonight, brian, pay attention to what you're throwing away. if you've got a new flat screen tv or ipad for christmas, tonight leave the boxes on the
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curb for days or even overnight. put them out in the morning to avoid tipping off burglars to all the new expensive electronics you now have inside your home. no. 4, if you're shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, more farmers markets are staying open year-round. the u.s. department of agriculture reports there are about 900 winter farmers markets, a 17% increase over two years. farmers are using greenhouses and other methods to extend the growing season. no. 3, homeowners may be on the losing end of the new tax bill. if you don't itemize deductions, you will lose a tax credit for paying local property tax, but if you're in the business of say energy windmills production in the islands or horse racing, you will get a break. this is the same bill that extends the bush era tax breaks through 2012 for everyone. good news for concert lovers at no. 2. ticket prices due to fall next summer. high ticket prices in 2010 kept many fans home and now promotors plan to make more
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shows affordable in 2011. they'll sell more t-shirts and merchandise to make up for lost revenue. no. 1, texting is going corporate. the idea came from a group of friends trying to get together to go to a concert. they got frustrated having to find each person's number for the text. now they formed a business called group me want it allows you to use one centralized number to text everyone in the group and is the only system of its kind so far. the system can be used for everything from carpools to party planning to working on the go and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> i hope we get these winds to die down a little bit. it won't feel so bad around here. >> it's been a very windy december. you can take the cold, but when you're out with the wind knifing through, it makes it impossible. your hands chap, everything just a mess. we've got improving news. we're going to ditch the big winds certainly by this time tomorrow night and probably by afternoon tomorrow and we've got some warmer weather coming.
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you can see as we look at reagan national, camera still jumping a bit picking up wind gusts between 20 and 30 miles an hour, way down from earlier but still very uncomfortable. let's check them out now. we're down to 24 at reagan national, dulles still getting wind gusts to 33, as is winchester, manassas 32, baltimore 26. tomorrow that's probably about the same range we'll be in again, but that's a big improvement over what we had today when we clocked our wind gust at 55 at reagan, 53 at dulles, 46 at bwi, flint maryland close to frederick 66- mile an hour wind gusts. this is crazy stuff. leesburg 46 and warrenton 53 and all of it was coming from that same massive storm that really punished the coastline all the way from north carolina where there are some places, raleigh had 8 1/2 but along the coast 15 to 17 accident 100,000 people without power through -- 17, 100 people without power through ocean city and the last gasp of the storm will try to
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pull out to sea. there's a huge wind fueled around it and we'll be feeling that wind tomorrow especially as an area of high pressure builds over us. we have what's called a tight pressure gradient. check out these snow totals one more time. reagan only had someone this, 2- inch, 13.5 for ocean -- had 1/2- inch, 13.5 for ocean city. there was a band of snow that set up over new jersey and it did not budge for many hours, very intense and it dropped 2, 3, 4 inches of snow for hours with thunder and lightning. central park 13, philadelphia 12.4. here is our max hd futurecast showing you the wind field as well. at 9:00 in the morning we're still noticing it, but it's beginning to relax, gets better through the afternoon, snow for the mountains. high pressure eventually builds in. maybe a quick little shot of moisture before the end of the week, but we'll be watching out to our west because our next chance of rain will come from
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that direction along a frontal system and it looks like it will be late in the day new year's day. for those of you paying attention to the winter classic up in pittsburgh, that rain may be in the forecast for them, too although it looks like it might be holding off a bit into ther afternoon. temperature is 33 degrees, gaithersburg 28, manassas also 28 degrees. some chilly temperatures out there, no doubt about it, and we are going to continue to see temperatures only in the 30s during the day tomorrow. check out the wind chills. it is still in the teens, feels like 24 degrees in the district. dress for the wind chill tomorrow. it will only feel like it's in the 20s for most of the day, but a warming trend is coming. would you believe by the end of the week we could be talking about temperatures up and over the 50-degree mark and if that happens, it will be the warmest we have seen since first of december. so new year's eve 46 degrees and new year's day maybe late rain at 54. don't go anywhere. dave feldman is back with sports. we're talking basketball when we return.
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good evening. the wizards went to houston tonight looking to do something they hadn't done all season, win on the road. 0-14 entering tonight. you would think the law of averages would be on their side. andray blatche and javale mcgee back after their one game suspension. we pick it up late in the 4th, wiz up seven and nick young from the corner drains the three. so they're up 10.
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young one of six wizards in double figures. sadly you know what's going to happen. rockets come back and now they're just down two. houston up 87-86 and they pull away after that. under two to play, kevin martin's three puts the rockets up seven. houston wins 193. wiz drop to -- 100-93. wiz drop to 0-15 on the road making a franchise record for the season. staggering. ralph friedgen has two days left as maryland's head football coach. he knows it, players know it and everybody running the military bowl know it. the players and coaches would rather talk about the game. the media, the stupid media, seems focused on ralph and his imminent departure. today a press gathering to focus on the game and manufacture the questions
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focused on friedgen. today i asked wide receiver troy smith if he was disappointed. >> no. i mean i'm sure everyone felt that way at first, but it is what it is. you have to learn to live with it and really embrace the military bowl. they embraced us, so it works hand in hand. we're just ready to go out there. >> reporter: are you worried about them carrying you out at practice today? are you concerned about anyone dropping you? >> they might drop me on purpose. i think they're probably working on a forklift to take me off the field. >> rumor has it ralph was not dropped. hope you had a roster while you were watching the redskins win. half the guys wearing burgundy gold and not exactly household names. most of them were barely practice squad names but they did it spoiling jacksonville's christmas. just when you thought all the redskins drama had derailed the team for the season, they show some light. only two of the guys went for
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more than 20 yards. the answer was 20 to jacksonville's 17 snapping a four-game losing streak and winning for the first time since november 21. >> i ain't felt like this in a long time. so we needed it bad. it's one of those things where you're fighting and fighting and keep coming up short. people don't look at you fighting. they look at you losing. they say well, they lost again and i'm thankful to get that feeling out of our mouth and that aura was just like a cloud that was following us and we finally got rid of it. >> monday night football, mic smith's already in the playoffs -- mike smith's already in the playoffs. drew brees, pressure, flips it. oh, no. that's the wrong team. 26 yards for the score. falcons up foyer 14-10. in college -- 14-10. in winter classic fans, stay tuned, pittsburgh is supposed
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to get showers january 1 and that could affect the game and the ice surface at heinz field between the caps and penguins. it could create an uneven ice, plus warm temps of stopping it. there is a chance it would push back the 1 p.m. start to later in the day, even into the evening or worse case scenario, sunday morning. stay tuned. brian is back with more of the edge right after this. have a good night.  >> fox 5 brought to you by hyundai holidays. 
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